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I replaced my Scotty Cameron Platinum Pro with a 34 inch Method blade.  Love it.  Rolls very nicely, balanced well.  
If you're talking about a ball retriever, I'd go with a "Gotcha".   If you're talking about getting it out of the cup, the hand is the best -- doesn't damage the cup :)
I play a lot of golf and this has not been an issue.  I have a pair of 2011 shoes I'm still wearing, as well as the newer ones.  Traction is not an issue unless you're swinging out of your balance, which would be an issue with any shoes with soft cleats.
It boils down to "do you cheat or not?"   EVERY stroke counts.  Penalty strokes count.  Anything less is cheating (either yourself or your opponents)
One big cause of the reverse pivot is the advice to keep your head still. In the effort to keep your head over the ball, the body ends up tilting up and back into the reverse pivot. Rather than thinking "head still", think constant spine angle and allow the head to respond to the natural flow of your body as you turn your shoulders and load up over the trailing leg. On the downswing, start your initial movement by shifting your weight back to the leading side using your...
The physics rule of golf: The direction the ball starts out will be determined by the path of the club. The curvature of the ball is determined by the clubface (open or closed) at impact. So, if you're swing out to in, the ball will want to start out to your left (right for left handers). The ball will either draw, hook, fade, slice, or go straight based on how far open or closed the clubface is at impact. Open face -- ball curves right (right handers). The most...
At 57, I'm carrying currently. I have a speed cart that I've used for the last 7 years, but started carrying again. Having said that, I also play in groups where the guys own their own golf carts (country club) and will often ride. I prefer to walk, but hate being the only guy in the foursome hoofing it while the other 3 ride ahead of me. That seems to force me to feel rushed.
A 1 over par 73
When I lived in Fargo ND, if it was in the 20's (F) during the winter, we called that a heat wave and would have loved to play golf .... unfortunately, there would be way too much snow still. In Billings, MT, we'd play in the winter on a couple of the courses that were set up. As long as the snow was only in patches and not blanketed, we'd play in sunny cold weather. The ground was frozen, lakes were solid enough to walk on, and the balls would bounce forever...
There's a reason that a LOT of pros use cavity back irons rather than muscle back blades .... do yourself a favor and take advantage of technology .... find irons that you like and can play well and don't concern yourself with the name brand or if they're blades or not.
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