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3M Makes a spray adhesive that would probably work well for bonding the two. I'd get a roller of some sort and have someone help you spray/stretch/roll it on and I be it could be pretty cool. Good idea.
I have a set of Mizuno MP-30 3-PM with True Temper DG-s300 shafts for sale. Set is standard length, loft, and lie and had GP tour velvets that were on them from the previous owner. The 7 iron shows more wear than the rest, I guess the previous owner liked to practice with that one but the wear is only surface wear. The grooves are still sharp/deep even on the 7, the rest of the set is as well. I had my wife take some pics of them and she took WAY too many. I put a bunch...
Wow - +1 and well said. Guess reading the rules makes one old, huh ;)
BS - If she wants to go and you want her there than take her. There's no reason to not let her ride unless you just want to be away from her for 5 hours. To boil it down we're essentially saying "Babe - I'm asking you nicely to get lost for 5 hours on our vacation while I golf because I'm scared of what the other guys might think."
http://thesandtrap.com/clubs/titleis..._driver_review Here's the link to the sand trap review. Good luck.
Pretty sure this is not correct. According to what I read on their site, the frames are wider on the Asian fit. I don't know how much stock you can put in a sunglasses hut employee, but I also asked them (skinny face on me as well) and the fellow I spoke with said to avoid the Asian fit for me.
??? I don't play a wedge with enough loft for it to be considered a "Lob" wedge (I'd consider anything 58+ a lob wedge), but those who do seem adamant they HAVE to be able to open it up...
+1 for the 909 series.
I just bought a set of Mizuno MP-30s off eBay for $107 - 3-PW and the 7 iron is the only one with the chrome worn (grooves still sharp). I love these irons and for the price I feel like I stole them...
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