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What about the "one-prong?"   http://www.pitchprogolf.com/how-to/
I like the http://www.thelocalgolfer.com/
The ones using the plywood boards are my favorite.  Hopefully that field never needs to be cut/plowed or your balls will really be messing up some machinery :)
Yes and no...when I pay too much attention to the ball I end up trying too much to hit the Ball...ok you say "Brett, thats what you want to do!" But When I do this I end up changing my swing path and more often then not hit a very fat shot.  If I look at the ball, but kind of think of it as more of a blur and in my swing path, I end up make much better contact.  Same for me with baseball, trying to follow it the entire way you can try to make slight adjustments right...
It can Help a lot. If the ground is frozen it can roll a long ways. A few years ago I played in 33* degree weather and it was snow flurrying. I hit my 3 wood which I averaged about 210 yards at the time on a Par 4 330 yard hole which was fairly straight. The fairway elevates to the center and then descends to the long green which is sloped back to front. I got a solid hit and as I went over the hill in the center of the fairway, I started looking for my ball which...
Camera has been having some problems so I haven't been able to film.  But I have incorporated a shorter backswing and been work on the extensor action, and a stronger grip.  In general I am getting much better contact and less dispersion/spray area in my shots.  I will continue to practice and hope to have some updated video sooner than later.  Thanks all!
  Walking is huge, keeps you much warmer then if you ride.  I keep hand warmers in the pockets and and under armour coldgear base layer with a long sleeve colored shirt over top.. If its still cold I have a snug fleece.  Long johns when its in the 30s
I agree with your disagreement.  This style of coaching doesn't work for everyone and I don't think it works for certain sports which leads to wisguy's post   I have never responded to coaches yelling that, I have always been a very rational person and if calmly explained something I will do my best to execute.  Yelling like this at first was scary and just mad me fearful of failure...which got my mind all up in smoke and I ended up failing.  As i grew older I just...
  Ya, if every hole everyone is waiting on you then it could be a problem, but that is probably the only time I could think it would be a big deal.  I am cheap...I mean frugal :) so I like to walk whenever I can.  More often than not when I play the course is all backed up so I am waiting at every hole so its no rush and walking is fine.  I also sometimes think a cart is slower when I play with one of my friends - he often hooks while i often slice, always going off in...
Saw this group and thought I would join...I am a big homebrewer and therefore and even bigger beer nerd.  I like a lot of styles, but a hop-forward pale ale or a robust porter are two of my favorite styles.  Cheers!  
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