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Sometimes I'll play better when I play with people better than me, I think it's because I usually ask advice for how I should play a hole and usually the better players have better advice.
I really don't know how a club can justify as nice looking, but I think mine look pretty sweet/different...
Yeah, I know what your saying. I was saying a general review based on what you know of the clubs. Just something fun to do nothing serious.
I actually had a 3H heavenwood, but I preferred my regular iron much more so I kept it.
This thread is to rate each others equipment based on our signature. Lets do a 1-10 system, 10 being the best and feel free to give an explanation. I'll start with rating my own equipment, then someone rate mine, and then someone rate the last person and so on. I'll rate my equipment 6 out of 10 because I mainly have beginner clubs as I'm trying to work on my basics and what not.
Why are only blades nice?
So do you recommend just working on one thing a day? So maybe driving one day, then pitching another. What are something I can mix together? My gf bought me a golf key with 34 tokens on it so I have a lot of practice I can get in.
Oh ok thanks, I didn't now about ESC, I'll be using that as a basis from my scoring from now on.
I'm pretty new to golf (6 months) so of course I have games where I do fairly well and games where I do horribly. When you guys score do you ever stop on trying to finish a hole ever? Sometimes when I'm doing extremely horrible on a hole, maybe I lose my ball or mishit a couple times or etc I'll be +6 or something for just one hole. If this happens to you do you keep on trying to finish a hole no matter what? Or do you stop at a certain point. This is assuming there...
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