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Wilson Zip's. Love those balls. Srizon AD333's
sometimes it makes me want to go on a tri-state killing spree
sign collecting is a cool hobby. i have tons of old Gas & Oil signs that I've collected over the years and put them up around my garage (most of them are inside the garage due to the amount of $$$ they are worth). Lots of old Texaco, Auto Lite, Goodyear, Misc Battery manufacturers, etc.
those new J38 irons are supposed to be the bees knees. made from Magnesium, which is supposed to be lighter and softer feeling iirc. cant wait to try them
wow, have fun! Rolling Oaks is my favorite course at World Woods
yep, the J38 (looks just like their TourStage model) here is a pic of the new J38 irons:
huh? .
all of the wedges i listed for you on Ebay ARE brand new. Ebay isnt full of only used items. TONS of brand new stuff for sale too
id like to see you actually hitting some balls rather than just whacking at the ground
+1. i really liked the sq dymo when i hit it. im gaming a square driver (ft-i) and i love the design. straightest driver ive ever hit
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