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Cleveland CG14 black pearl. I love these. No wedges can compare.
titleist. You'd be surprised how easy they are to hit.
I love the mizuno mx 23. Used to hit the mp 30 and those are sweet also. Cant go wrong with MIzuno irons. Mx 200 has a hugd sweet spot, those are next for me.
Bridgestone RX the red box. those are good balls for your handicap.
I love the Mizuno Mx 23's. Used to hit the Mp 30 those are not bad either. Cant go wrong with Mizuno irons.
I love these balls. Scored a birdie with these.
CG14. all i gotta say. Birdies, eagles. CG14.
3,4,5,6 Mizuno MX23. 7,8,9,P Mizuno MP30
You MUST switch to CG14. I bought these a couple weeks ago and scored a birdie from 110 yrds with my 52. These are amazing from the sand. Will get it out of the bunker for sure. Amazing clubs.
Miura, Maruman, Honma......
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