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Heard that this morning too... Very curious who it is, especially since they said this guy is known for marking his ball, ahem, and pushing the rules a bit... Allegedly
I haven't purchased any equipment from them but I have purchased some shirts and hats. Never had any issues at all.
Looks like my Christmas wish list is complete
The picture they used on the Golf Magazine iPad app version isn't even Hogan. It's a picture of Jack Fleck.
I think you must be right, Mr. Gribin got too big for his britches. The ESPN show is bad. It's not even a golf show anymore.   I like The Teebox.
Yeah, I've tuned in to 570 and can't find it, I think it must be off the air
Does anyone here in DFW know what happened to the Golfers Home radio show that used to be on ESPN Radio and then on KLIF? Steven Gribin was the host. I listen to the Teebox on the Ticket on Saturday mornings and used to listen to the Golfers Home on Sundays but haven't been able to find it recently. I'm thinking it must be off the air now but wanted to see if anyone knows the scoop. Thanks.      
I agree Dan, hard for me to justify the cost of the ProV1 after hitting the NXT Tour S, just seems to be a better fit for my game
I bought a dozen of the NXT Tour S balls, they do feel pretty soft but I also was getting more distance... I'm getting old I think I need a softer golf ball :-)
I vote for Zero Restriction rainwear also; great stuff, have used it in Scotland during a downpour and it kept me dry and comfortable. A little pricey but you get what you pay for;
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