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Colonial is much easier to walk as a spectator... Old school course with greens close to the next tee... Best holes to sit and watch IMO are 9, 13, and 16... Good spot to catch several holes of action is on hill between 11 and 12... You can watch second shots on 11 and 12 as well as tee shots on 13 and 14 by walking no more than 100 yards... Also check out the Horrible Horseshoe (3,4,5)... You will see plenty of good looking ladies at both events... Just my thoughts, but...
Good friend of mine has been paired with Romo in Open qualifier before... Romo hits bombs off the tee and has a solid game... Whether or not he can compete at National Championship remains to be seen... I've heard Smoltz is the real deal... Never seen him play golf but if the stories are true he has a chance.
I'm was thinking maybe the OP had a few pops last night and was just trying to start a fuss, but he's obviously sticking with it... OP you're certainly entitled to your opinion. Personally I think you're nuts
So sad... She was such a pretty girl and seemed so sweet... She had such a strong college career but was still trying to find her game on the LPGA Tour... Just terrible... Way too young... Awful news
Without a doubt the most ridiculous post I've read on this forum... The Masters is not a Major? That's just stupid... The Players is a big time tournament and I stop down to watch it but rank it higher than The Masters? NFW... Congrats, you drew me offsides faster than you can say Bobby Jones
I agree, why not play the game as hard as you can and see what happens? I'd much rather lose to someone giving their best effort than win because someone tanked it... I'd always wonder what could have been.
YES! The Hammer Infomercial is on Golf Channel right now... Genius... POW!!!
Found some more info from avid golfer magazine: Update: After doing some additional research, it seems this incident stems from the grand opening of the Naples, Florida store in December 2009. Acushnet pulled the account around Christmas. Titleist had a Holiday promotion $39.99 MRP VERY STRICT as they were giving the accounts one free dozen per six purchased for the promotion. All accounts were told it would be very strict. PGASS had them at $36.99 for...
They were selling them for $36.99 which is why their account was pulled... Doubtful they'd keep doing it, especially if they want to sell Titleist and FootJoy in the future
You're right, MAP... From what I understand they were selling them for $36.99...
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