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Can you post pics of the irons? Before Callway purchased Spalding and the Ben Hogan Company and more or less let the Hogan company die the Hogan website had a listing of all clubs produced... you might check there
I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I went to the PGA Tour Superstore in Frisco that they had a limited supply of Titleist golf balls, clubs, bags, etc... apparently the stores were selling ProV1's below MSRP and Acushnet pulled their account... looks like I'll have to shop elsewhere for golf balls
She's a big girl physically... Strong legs, good distance off the tee...
I thought I did about a week ago LOL
Another +1 for FJ WeatherSof... These things feel great and last forever... A friend of mine had a navy blue one several years ago and it became a running joke with us how long it would last... He used that thing for almost a year before it finally wore out
His shotmaking is awesome... Tough competitor, he made a great bogey after his approach shot hit the sprinkler head and bounced over the green, on 16 IIRC... He's a good role model for the guys who don't hit it far (like me ) just get the ball in the hole as fast as you can
Sean O'Hair... Good gracious that dude is slow... JB Holmes is ridiculous too...
I'm watching the replay of today's Tavistock Cup now... better than most other stuff on TV these days... and at least Golf Channel is not replaying the Arnold Palmer Golf Gala from '97 for the 52nd time... I have nothing but respect for Mr. Palmer but my goodness retire that show
That looks tight! Very nice finish! Almost too nice looking to hit
Oh man, I've seen this many times... One instance that immediately comes to mind was back years ago in high school... Dude hacked up the last two holes and just lost it... He signed his fellow competitor's scorecard then picked his bag up over his head, spun around a couple of times, then slammed his bag to the ground and started kicking it and cussing... This was in front of a lot of other teams coaches and a couple of college coaches... It was embarrassing to watch......
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