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They're solid clubs... Even though they're forged they felt a little hard at impact to me... I've hit 735's, 755's, 690's, 695mb's, zb's... Playing 660's now... The 755's are a good club... I sold them to a friend of mine and he loves them
Does anyone know if the HBO special "Back Nine at Cherry Hills" is available on DVD? I searched the HBO site but couldn't find it. Thanks in advance!
I always thought that it was some sort of aerodynamic engineering design, kind of like the old Hogan speed slot woods... but it probably is for lie adjustment
I have hit both the 909D3 and the 909D2... the D3 had the Voodoo shaft and the D2 had the Diamana Blueboard, both stiff flex... liked them both, I am going to a fitter this Saturday to try to get dialed in on the right model... currently hitting the 905R 9.5 degree with Grafalloy Blue stiff
tgw.com also sells the dvd... some great footage of two of the all-time greats
I'd have to go with the Titleist 660's... much more forgiving than you would expect.
speaking of the vokey wedges, does anyone know when the new models are going to be available? tgw and golfsmith were showing that they would be shipping this week, now the scheduled shipped date has been pushed back to december/january.
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