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LOL! I've had dreams similar to this, I have to keep reteeing my golf ball and when I finally get it teed up I can't take a swing because I'm backed up against a door or tree or somesuch... It's crazy... Glad to know I'm not the only golf nut out there with crazy dreams / nightmares.
Just outstanding... I stayed up late last night to watch Slovokia vs Sweden... What a great tournament so far... Can we get lucky and have a USA vs Canada gold medal game?
I've joked at times about a shot blowing the back of the net out and damned if that one didn't... Looking forward to the games tomorrow
How in the wide world of sports does a puck go through the net and the net not have a hole in it? I've watched hockey for 35 years and never seen that before. That was a freaking blow gun by Weber. Wow!
Nice move by Lou, we'll see how it works out... On paper it looks like a great trade
Big game: US vs Canada in five minutes... Getting anxious for this one to start
Granted, they were playing Norge, but the Canadians looked good strong today... Iginla with the hat trick and Crosby was Crosby... The Keith to Crosby to Nash to Iginla goal was just sick... Nice to watch passing like that... I thought the US would score more than three goals against Switzerland... I only saw the highlights of the US game so I can't really comment on the full effort but I hope they can pick up the goal scoring, they're going to need it to compete for a medal
Sad that you have to do that but you're exactly right, you can't be too careful... lots of posts here on The Sand Trap about people's clubs getting stolen right at the course I haven't seen PING headcovers for sale as an accessory in a long time... the old PING fur headcovers were awesome, loved those things
Thanks bman1313!!! Greatness!!!
Agreed... I have used these for a while, they perform as advertised... Good buy IMO
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