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My dad had always wanted me to play golf from the time I was old enough to walk... Only problem was I hated it, couldn't stand golf at all... But I always heard about Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus from my dad, about the way they played the game and handled themselves on the course... When I was 12 I went to the Colonial National Invitation for the final round because my best friend had two badges, and mainly because we knew that the cutest girls in our class were going to...
Good point! You never know...
Anybody else out there listen to the Derek Trucks Band? First saw this guy with Clapton about three years ago, he blew me away... I had never seen anybody play slide guitar like that... Downloaded his albums from iTunes and can't stop listening to him... His work with the Allman Brothers is freaking amazing as well, there is a video on YouTube of them playing "Dreams" at the Beacon Theater that is off the hook...
That's awesome! Great memories for you and your son... Really, really cool... I think Crosby will be in top form at the Olympics... Can't wait for the tournament!
I was watching that yesterday, that's just sick... What made it even better was that it was against the Wings... I'm hoping for a 4th tonight
Even better, just scored a hat trick...
I caught it and laughed out loud... I even visualized Daly in a hotel room with Braden telling him what to say... Genius stuff
+1 on the Under Armour "skull" cap... I have worn one under my hockey helmet, works great for keeping sweat out of your eyes... One of those with a large bucket hat should work well.
Dude is freaking unbelievable... Watching Penguins vs. Sabres, he just scored his 35th goal of the year... This guy never ceases to amaze me... And the Penguins are wearing their throwback sweaters tonight, genius
Kid has a lot of talent, should be a strong force on tour for years... The only problem I have with him is I have to wear sunglasses inside the house while watching him on the TV because of those orange pants
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