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I think that's sound advice! I just read an article in Golf World today about some of the amateurs' equipment at the Hope and how it was outdated... The article also mentioned several pros who are using older equipment... I suppose it goes back to what looks good to you at address and what inspires confidence... I hit the new irons on the practice tee before I bought them and they felt solid but right now I'm sticking with my 660's...
I've always put tape over the butt-end of the shaft simply because that's the way I was taught to do it. Seems to make the grip slide onto the shaft a little easier. Never really gave it any thought until I read this topic... Now I'm questioning it LOL... Probably doesn't make any difference one way or the other... Thanks for stirring my brain on a Sunday evening
Just curious if anyone here has purchased new equipment only to go back to your "old" equipment? I bought some new irons but after five rounds I have put my old irons back in the bag. Granted, the weather hasn't been great and I haven't had a lot of opportunties to get to the practice tee to hit the new irons as much as I'd like. I'm going to give them a fair shake when it warms up but at this point the "olds" will be my gamers. Anyone else experienced this?
That's funny and genius... Nice reference
that sucks, I was thinking about going tomorrow, especially with the weather being too cold to tee it up... I've attended for the past several years and it's been OK, nothing great but at least they had some equipment manufacturers there to demo some clubs... if it's as bad as you say I'll just go to Edwin Watts and PGA Superstore instead
Echoing what many have posted: short game!... I know my best rounds have been when my short game is on, not necessarily when I had a great ball-striking round... Chip, putt, chip, putt, and then chip and putt some more.
$40 on weekends includes cart and practice balls... Not sure how much it costs on weekdays, never get a chance to play during the week
Absolutely unbelievable... So sad.
What did the Vikings do to deserve the playoff curse? That's a tough loss, especially with Favre throwing that pick when he could've run for a few yards to setup the field goal... Vikings fans kicked in the nuts again... I'm not a Vikings fan but this one has to hurt real hard
Is this a public course run by a management company or a private club? That's a shame either way... Hope you can find a course to play... I can't remember a course just shutting down completely here in the Metroplex
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