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Kaymer looks really, really solid... Nice finish today at Abu Dhabi... Bombed his second shot to 18... It'll be interesting to see how much he plays in the U.S. besides The Masters, US Open, and PGA... Dude looks like he has the game to compete with anyone... And he's only 25
I have a Monterey, great feel, the finish is nice... Have only been able to use it twice so far (once during a practice session on the practice green and once during a round) but it feels great.
That's a tough one pal, that's a tough one.
Glad you got your clubs back, that is great news!
You will have a great time... I'll be interested to hear your take on Pasatiempo
Chances of getting to play Augusta National are minimal, you're talking about one of the most private clubs in the country... Pebble Beach, while expensive, is a resort course that is open to the public... Totally different subject concerning Augusta National
IMO the 909H is much better than the 585... It took me a couple of rounds to get used to them but once I did I haven't looked back, I have more confidence in those clubs than any other club in my bag.
Man that really, really sucks... What did the airline say? Are they trying to help you? That's just a sick feeling in your stomach... I hope you get some good news and they turn up.
Yes you can, nothing against doing that... A caddie will help you tremendously on reading putts but you can tote your own
I've been extremely fortunate to play both Pebble Beach and St. Andrews, they are both incredibly special golf courses... Travel expenses were mentioned, it costs a heckuva lot more to get to Scotland than California for someone living in the States ... Both experiences were outstanding once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for me.
New Posts  All Forums: