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Just got a rocketballz driver, trying to get away from my 4 year old R7 Draw, never can.   My handicap is about an 88, Im not great and im not the worst out there.   I was weary about a 40g shaft. Rightfully so. It feels like a childrens toy. And about OP saying the face was dead? Uh Yea, zero life in the face of that driver. I would hit 10 shots with it, then switch to my R7 and destroy the ball. I tried every setting that goofy tool offered and no options...
Cant say for irons but theres a definate difference between a name brand driver and say a Pine meadow Bloc, I tried one and it was total crap sounds like a tin can. Their cheaper than the real thing for a reason and its not just cause they dont have commercials stay away
I dont know if he still plays this way but anthony kim played with a 14 degree Adams hybrid instead of using a 3w , so I assume you can crush the thing pretty close within a 3w distance
you follow the club head with your head, keep your head down till after the ball is long gone. That is number 1 reason for alot of your problems. You can also try putting the ball more in center stance , yes even for your driver. Between these 2 adjustments you should see much different results. Keep your head down
glad I dont play at your course. I hate slow golfers , greenskeeper should have booted you guys out after 9
Looks like a good line but I would say you hold your finish to a point of annoyance.
Took me over a year of hard practice to learn to drive properly and I still slice a few times around and have had over 10 lessons, so its not as easy to fix as you seem to remember. I go to the range 3-4 times a week and golf twice a week, its my #1 hobby and im still a bogey golfer
I have the same club. You can do either swing with it thats the beauty. Its the only 3Wood I can use in rough and still nail it. If I am in the rough I hit down on it hard play it a bit more center. If I am fairway or driving with it I sweep it, more front of stance. Both give good distances, if you sweep it you should get lower trajectory and more roll. I bought it to cover the distance between driver and hybrid and it works wonders. My drives are about 220, I hit this...
omg I want to cry, I pulled my upper back muscle BAD at the gym, I hate myself for it. Second time I have done this. My back is so tight I can hardly walk so not only did I miss the open and cant even golf now for at LEAST a week. I am hoping I can move around tomorrow maybe I can go but its usually worse on day 2 than day 1 for these injuries.
Seems like you would lose speed with a head that large, you should try a smaller head im sure you will be able to swing it even faster. If you have trouble hitting low than try a 11 or 13 degree driver
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