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Shot an 84 (40-44) on Sunday morning at the Brier Patch Golf Links in Beckley, WV. They've removed almost all yardage markers (except sprinkler heads, which are few and far between). That made it a bit rough. Beat the storms, but played stupidly aggressive a few times that cost me big. Like hooking two balls into the woods (deep, gone, not-gonna-find-it type woods) while trying to cut a corner. Really, I have to feel okay about an 84 with three doubles in a row on my...
I am still kicking myself for not getting a nice set of Bridgestone J36 combo irons when I had the chance. They were sweet clubs, felt really smooth, and produced the ball flight I wanted. However, I was Mizuno blind the last time I upgraded my irons. To me, similar to the Titleist 735CBs that I got rid of to get my current clubs.   I also love my Bridgestone J36 hybrid. Good distance, good ball flight. It's been chopped, tipped, and threw some lead tape on the head....
I have finally made it back to TheSandTrap!   Well, I've been in Southern WV for almost a year and man, just a little, tiny bit different than Nashville, TN. I still haven't made it to the Greenbrier (Old White TPC is a terrible name...), but it's on the shortlist of courses I need to play.
Big fan of my SKB. Three trips so far and I can tell the case has not been treated well. Throw in a straight arm and wrap the heads to prevent rattling and presto! No worries!
They are gorgeous clubs, there is no doubting that. I hit a few putts with the Cali Coronado the other day. It felt like a Scotty which, for me, meant it felt a little hard. Gorgeous club. Sounds nice. Felt like the other Scotty's. It's just not for me.
39-39 for a 78 (+8). Really happy with how I was striking the ball today. Only had two really unfortunate swings and was able to recover from them quite well. Just what I needed before my cousin's bachelor party in Vegas and probably two rounds of golf next weekend.
I really enjoyed the Pro Combos when I played them. It was cheaper for me to get a set of used Titleist 735CMs than to re-shaft them or I would've kept playing them. Good feel, though I liked the 735CMs better... I would probably go with the 775s, all else being equal. But, in the end, I would go with the better buy. So, if you won't have to reshaft the Pro Combos but would have to reshaft the 775s I would buy the Pro Combos unless you just flat out prefer the 775s.
Much prefer one of my Tilleys or a ballcap. Never been much of a fan of visors.
Rife Bimini. A semi-impulse buy as I've been thinking about it for months.
Despite it not being a goal, how about the one-handed flip towards the net before getting planted into the net? Dude's a gamer. I love me some Pen's hockey. I love getting to watch it as opposed to the Western Conference slag the Preds play; all grit and no skill.
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