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Rife Bimini
What it tells me is that you need a dictionary... Calluses. Not calyces.
A very, very slow 41 after work tonight. Took over 2.5 hours because of some stupid, stupid hackers... As far as I could tell, two of the foursome had never played before. The first two hole took 45 minutes or more. Just horrible. Played through them over #3 and then was caught behind a group of slow old men for 5-9. UGH! I HATE SLOW PLAYERS! Yet, somehow, the first three holes I played my best overall golf of the evening. At least with the last few I had the fact that...
You'll really like the J33's. If I hadn't had my heart set on my Mizzzy's I would've bought a barely used set of J33 combos for, well, less. Great feel, great look. Can't go wrong with'em, IMO. Enjoy'em, man.
The plastic zero friction tees are wonderful. I would buy a bunch if I could find'em. However, the wood ones splinter on me in very short order. In dry conditions they might last two holes for me. Might... Out of all the "specialty" tees, I like the stinger tees, but I haven't bought any more since my supply ran out months ago. It's just not worth it.
That's interesting. TGW lists the e7+ as a three piece ball with:Core - PolybutadieneDimples - 330 Dimple DesignCover - Surlyn
Yes. No (Surlyn). And I don't know, but probably softer than your Slazengers. The first two are easy to find. Do a little research next time. Bridgestone's site or TGW.
I've been switching out either my 3-wood, 19* hybrid, 3-iron, or 60* recently depending on the course being played and the conditions. Gotta stay at/under 14.
Shot a 40 (+5) over 9 this morning in steady rain. 4 pars, 5 bogeys. I like this trend of not having any real blow up holes. Let the slow older foursome in front of me bother me too much... But really, when I was standing on almost every tee box with them and the course was wide open in front of them, there was no excuse for them not to let me play through except that they were just being crotchety ass holes...
http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...t=warrior+golf And there are a few other threads about them if you perform a search.
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