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One of my good friends and golfing buddy from college has a gig copy editing, writing small copy and reviews for a newspaper (more of an ad rag, really, but who's counting?). This lets him get a morning round in almost every day if he wants to do it as he doesn't have to be at working until 1pm. Also, his weekend varies and usually isn't the normal Saturday/Sunday, so there are a few more rounds right there.
Wedge play is one of the most fun aspects of golf, in my opinion. For the longest time I only carried a 48 degree PW (old Nike Forged Pro Combos) and a 55 degree SW. Then it became the 48 and a Vokey SM56.10. One day I was wandering around the local golf shop back up near Penn State and saw a Vokey 60-P. Bought it on a whim, and don't regret it at all. That's mainly because I can't count the number of tight situations having it has gotten me out of. I don't see myself...
1) Scotty Cameron Squareback 35" 2) Regripping (Golf Pride New Decades) for 3wd/irons/wedges. 3) Vokey SM52 degree Still waiting to hear more about the 909D3 and demo that and the iQ. To be really optimistic I'd say a mixed set of Mizuno's (3-4 MX-200; 5-7 MP-52; and 8-PW MP-67's), but that's not gonna happen (sadly).
I'd love to be able to say Titleist for woods, wedges, and putter, and Mizuno for the irons. But, forced to pick one, I have to go Titleist. 909D3/F3 are looking really good to replace my 905R and 904F. I hear great things about the AP2 irons, but more importantly I love the feel, spin, and distance I get with my 735's. Vokey wedges are top notch and now that Scotty has a wider-bodied putter with the Squareback, I think I might finally have to break down and drop the money...
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