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Hahaha! Awesome answer. Spot on. Get her the irons. You could probably also get another $100 or so trade-in for those old TA2's according to the PGA value guide.
I can tell you that there's no problem with mixing sets. I do not have a problem going between three different sets during the course of the a round. Good irons perform if you swing'em well.
Yes! If you're going to be an ass hole you're going to be a Grade-A ass hole!But seriously... They messed up and offered to fix the club. However, stop saying you never asked for a new club. You asked for one as a loaner. You are the one who picked up the new club and said "let me use this for two weeks".You could've asked them to call the other stores. You could've showed some initiative in haggling. Instead, you made an ass out of yourself. That is according to your...
Another 38 today (+3) on McCabe's North course (34.9/62). Six pars, three bogeys. Putting was good. 2/7 fairways, 3/9 greens, 4/6 up and down. Gave myself several looks at birdie, just never converted... Much fun. Combines with yesterday's 38 on McCabe's middle course for a two-day 76. Awesome. Feeling pretty good about my game right now.
Just got back from a rain-soaked 9. 38. Tied my low 9 for the year. 1 birdie, 4 pars, 4 bogeys. 4/7 fairways (had a few that I just muffed. On line, but short... ugh...), 4/9 GIR. Always gave myself a chance to get up and down but only managed to once.
Tiger has never been invincible. He is awesome, don't get me wrong. I love what he's done for the game. But... Given the field vs. Tiger I have almost always taken the field and I have won a good bit with that. Now, taking an individual in a tournament? Tiger is your best bet. He's led the tour in scoring average for how many years? I think it's something like eight of the last nine years. That's just absurd.
If payment doesn't go through, let me know. I might be interested.
I hate the look. I like the concept that they've created with the colored dots. I don't think I will ever play Ping irons, though I have hit my uncle's Beryllium Ping irons very well when visiting without mine. They're nice, but ugly. Hence not wanting to play them...
Yeah... Did that, too. Some small 9-hole course near DC. Down hill, down wind... drove the back edge of the green and then proceeded to four-putt for bogey. So damn painful...
90 on Barefoot Fazio from the Blacks. Just didn't have it again today.
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