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The place I usually trade goes straight to the site. I've gotten about the mid-range most of the time on my trades. As long as the clubs are in good condition it hasn't been a big deal.
92 from the tips at Barefoot Norman in Myrtle Beach. Started well, and then lost my swing for about 5 holes. Went 49-43 for a 92. Finished birdie, bogey, par, birdie. Should've been much, much better. <90 at a minimum... Best fairways I've ever hit from. And such true, smooth greens. Anything under 10 feet was pretty easy. Must. Keep. Swing. Flat...
Slow 9 this afternoon... 40 (+5). Four pars, five bogeys. Three fairways and four greens hit. Only managed to get up and down once. Ugh! Ball striking was really crisp today. Enough better than usual that I was consistently about 1/2 club longer than I was expecting with my irons. Really good yet really frustrating at the same time.
According to the PGA Value Guide Titleist 731pm irons are worth (resale) anywhere between $260 and $316 with the mid-range set being called $300 (based on 131 transactions). Bookmark and use that site. It's good.
Was not a fan of the FPs. They did not fit my eye. They followed a set of Nike Forged Pro Combos and I never got comfortable with them. Thicker topline and general look at address messed with me. Changed to Titleist 735CBs and then my current setup and both were much more comfortable for me. I was used to a more players club and couldn't get over the topline and offset. I can see how they are great GI irons as I have recently hit similar clubs well (when borrowing...
85 today. Drove a lot better than normal (first round with my new baby after some range time). Only hit 4 fairways but my misses were usually in the first cut as opposed to in real trouble. The rest of my game... let me down. Only 6 GIR (2 of them 3 putts...) and 3/8 up and downs. Yuck...
Sweet deal! 67s are very nice clubs. Under $500 everything else is just gravy.
91 today. I feel lucky to've only been that high with as poorly as I was hitting my driver/3-wood and putting. Constantly playing out of trouble and consequently not giving myself good looks at pars most of the time. Yuck! That's what I get for an almost three-week layoff!
Shake it off and go out thinking positive thoughts next time and you'll be fine. I had one of these days today, too. No reason to panic.
So... Why isn't the pitching wedge a wedge? That just seems silly to me as it's called a pitching wedge. 4. PW (47), 52, 56, 60. Covers me from about 130 and in. Though if I get a 2 hybrid/5 wood of some sort it will rotate with one of those depending on the course. Could go 3 (47, 53, 58), but I'm not bending the 52 or buying a new 58 yet.
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