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Get over yourself.
Sounds like bad luck to me. I've never had anything but good experiences ordering wedges, balls, and other accessories from TGW.
Tape/brace the ankle up, take some anti-inflammatories, and hit the links. It's a recipe that's seen me through a couple of pretty bad foot/ankle sprains. An ounce of prevention's a good thing even if there's no pain before you start.
Take one club more and hit hit a high cut. It's a shot I love, even if I only hit it well maybe 2/3 of the time and as I envision it maybe 50%. When I pull it off I look like a genius. When I f' up, well, it explains why my handicap isn't lower.
I'm more used to idiots blaring their horn when driving by a range/course. They seem to like to advertise their immaturity to the world for some reason. I was playing a short 9 hole course with some guys I know a few weeks ago. We were on the first tee box when an ice cream truck pulls up in the parking lot. Well, from about two holes over we hear someone yell something like, "get that ****ing ice cream truck out of here, *******!" I almost fell over I was laughing so...
I hate stupid people. I mean... That's just pathetic.
Even when I'm struggling as long as I remember to look around, breathe, and remind myself that I'm out on a golf course and there really isn't a place I'd rather be, it makes me happy. My dad doesn't play, but throw in the fact that you're spending quality time with your father and hey, you've got everything you need, regardless of how you play. Do that and you'll be fine, man. Hah! 25 cuss words is a light couple of holes for me. But it's usually directed at myself...
Played 27 today. 46/44/44. Very streaky. Seeing as I was taking some new swing thoughts straight to the course without working them out at the range first, I'm fairly happy. And with the weather today (75, low humidity, and sunny) it was one of those days that's just good for the soul regardless of how you play.
86 (41/45) on a not-so-difficult course. Gave away a lot of strokes stupidly. Should've been a lot better, but could've been a lot worse, too. First time playing 18 with people I know since I moved to town, though. It was a lot of fun and the weather mostly cooperated so it was just soggy instead of raining.
On a good day I'm short of parallel. I don't notice much, if any, distance loss, but my accuracy is much improved. I get into trouble when my hands continue back after my shoulders stop and take the club to or past parallel. Nothing good can happen then unless I'm really, really lucky.
New Posts  All Forums: