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Using someone else's property without asking is discourteous at best, theft at worst. Fine, so you're close with your family and you guys don't bother to ask. Whatever. If you'd disclosed that at the beginning the backlash would've been much less, though I think most people would still think it's a dick move. I'm just glad that's not how things work in my family.
I can't believe this is still going... But can I just point out that your 2008 US Open picture isn't from the 2008 US Open? Shirt's wrong. Hat's wrong... Google image search "2008 US Open Tiger" and see for yourself. Also, I'm not sure what event that trophy is from, but it ain't the US Open. If you're going to argue a stupid point at least don't lie while doing it.
Oh yeah. In golf. In other sports... Yeah.
http://valueguide.pga.com/index.php Look it up.
86... and not happy about it. I was +2 heading into #8 and ended up +6 (41) for the front (35) before playing ugly bogey golf on the back (45 on 36).
That's exactly what I was thinking. Though, I have to admit that my old Nike forged Pro Combos are a close second to my current Mizunos. I'm even thinking about getting them reshafted as a backup set, which is not something I'd normally do (just ask my Titleist 735cbs that are now belong to someone else).
Great clubs. If I wouldn't've had to reshaft/regrip a set of J33 combos I would've bought them instead of my Mizunos. They look good from cavity back to blade. Have a little harder feel than my Mizunos, but it's a very solid feeling. They're workable and the distance is what you'd expect for traditionally lofted irons. I believe Bridgestone forges Nike's irons. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that from at the local shop I frequent as well as a PGA teaching...
May is free PGA lesson month (http://www.playgolfamerica.com/index.cfm?action=flm). It's worth seeing if any pros in your area are participating.
I dropped my 20 and 23 degree Nickent 3dx dc hybrids to return to a 3i and a 4i and don't regret it at all. I'm a little shorter with the irons (1 degree weaker and shorter shafts being the main reason), but I like the ball flight better. It's more penetrating and not as prone to ballooning (and hooking, both of which were more a function of the shaft, but it wasn't worth it to spend more than the clubs were worth new to reshaft them). I haven't had any problem hitting...
87 (43/44) today. Driver was killing me. A handful of snap hooks or, alternately, not turning my forearms over and push-fading it... hard, and often stupid, to adjust on course for me. Putter wasn't too happy, either (33 putts with some bad misses). Hit 3/4 GIRs on par 3s. Very happy about this as it's been a problem for me so far this year. Birdied one of the par 5s with a sand save. Just inconsistency rearing it's ugly head. That and 30+ mph wind gusts.
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