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Been gaming a Mr. Beasley for two to three years and I absolutely love it. It rolls better than any putter I've used. Even side-by-side with my buddy's SC Newport 1.5 (and at the time I was strongly considering buying a SC so I wasn't really biased towards my putter) I liked the feel of the Rife better. Only thing that'll be getting the Beasley out of my bag anytime soon might a Rife Abaco.
82 (38/44) with par at 71 (35/36). Everything was going great on the front, and then my track workout last night started to catch up with me on about hole 12. Legs just weren't there and my swing fell out of sync. Killed my chance to break 80 for the first time. At least I was able to regroup on 18 to hit the fairway and get a GIR within 6 feet, even if I did two-putt for par (had 28 putts all day).
When I was playing full-cord grips my hands tended to shred. Now that I've switched to non-cord grips on my irons I'm not having that problem. Even with half-cords (New Decades) I don't have much trouble. That being said, I still wrap athletic tape on two fingers when I go out to the range or if I'm playing several days in a row. It works after the fact, too, but I'm a big fan of preemptive solutions. Why let it happen if you can stop it?
As is, you mean? If someone with a terrible swing can crush a driver can they also crush any other club? Of course. However...I'll use your numbers. You said that the guys were killing it and hitting it straight maybe 1 in 20 times. I'm sure they would have about the same success rate with any other club if they're lucky (not having an ideal lie all the time and all). There's your answer. They could, but the percentages are strongly stack against them.
grantc79: How can you be right after you admitted you were wrong? 1) You saw people who are maybe 20 handicappers drilling the ball, which; 2) Caused you to admit it's possible. However; 3) You say that you are still right (whatever that means) because with your understand of the mechanics of a golf swing and of biomechanics and such they could be scratch golfers. Unfortunately; 4) That doesn't matter because by admitting you were wrong (as per #2) you conceded the...
Guerin Rife Abaco. Not sure the weight's exactly what you want, but it's a really nice mid-mallet putter.
85 in very nice conditions. A lot of solid play and a handful of "coulda, woulda, shoulda" holes... Breaking in the new Mizuno's was a blast in beautiful weather especially as they weren't the clubs that gave me issues.
Probably a little from pile a and a little from pile b.I love the Southern drawlish sorta thing, though. Having played a number of rounds in TN and spent a whole lot of time on the range, it sounds very familiar. A shake of the head, a laugh, and a twinge of pity for the damn fool for being such a putz. Actually, I think that twinge was just my neck cracking. Oh well.
Ahh hahahaha! Glad you have a sense of humor about it!
Black shoes, black socks, black belt. I mean, I guess you're supposed to match these things, but I wouldn't tear my hair out trying to figure it out.
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