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sorry, I really don't know exactly how much did cost me the XBOX playing with them, but it could be around $1 per every $3 of losses
I've been playing about 9 months now. My lowest score came in November where I shot a 90 and I have 2 other scores in the 90's
I'm not a long hitter, but I am longer than the 90% of people I play with
graphic designer and I love my job :)
I play at Bonusstreet.com as well, I'm a casino player and I lost money the last month and they gave me points that I could use to get a XBOX Elite, I received it few days ago. Nice site to play when you have a downswing in your game.
women, my luxury cars, yachting, skiing and women :D
Beach Boys Beatles Pink Floyd Pavarotti Antony and the Jonhsons Sufjan Stevens
Casablanca Forest Gump The Goodfather Toy Story Full Metal Jacket
I´m agree. My hopes are in his hands.
$1,69 in Palos Blancos
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