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Well its fair to say im in a slump now..... I just cant seem to get anything going.... i mean at all.... like the lowest iv shot in a tourney in te past 2-3 months is 75.... at the beginning of the year i was averaging around 72-73...now im lucky to break 77..... I cant even play normally anymore...it is ridiculously frustrating... ill play mediorcish for around 16 or 17 holes(even-+2ish) and then i make a tripple or wuad out of nowhere..... Iv practiced my eyes out and...
I was just watching golf central...was that actually George W. Bush?
Ok so for a school thing i need to know this. What is the average winners prize on the PGAt Tour now and in 1987? I cant find it anywhere..... please help quick....
thats me!!!
93 for lw 108 for gap wedge 123 for pw 138 for 9i 149 for 8i 162 for 7i 171 for 6i pretty much any of these yardages
how do i put a pic up?
Ok so iv had my irons since late march.... couldn't play them till mid april cause of th snow....ALREADY the 8 and PW hav spots on the face worn down to the bare metal about th size of a nickel..... (other irons(9,7,6) have spots th size of a dime) right where i hit all my shots.... this happened to my old irons as well.... isnt <6 months a little bit early for this type of wear?? Any idea how to stop it? thanks
Probably these things http://www.trionz.com/ I wear one....idk if it actually works but what the heck
EXACTLY what i do!!! haha mayb thats y i suck....
It pisses me off so much.... i mean in my language class we have to translate two passages... the teacher tells us what it is so we can translate it before the test and be relatively familiar with it...the only thing was that we had to translate it ourselves and then translate it in class w/out ANY notes... so everyone in the class is taking the translation out of the answer key and memorizing it.... btw it takes 1-2 hrs do do the translation... Meanwhile im trying to...
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