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2 nickent hybrid head covers... lost one of my old ones... so i bought 2 that match
im currently working on not sucking while on the course
brush t's....
cut the corner of a dogleg left par5 leaving me 190 to the green... nutted my 3h just short of the green on the collar
duck hooked my teeshot into the deepest darkest forest not even a sasquatch would be in... absolutely flushed my 3h... i have no idea how it didnt become a lumberjack but my ball didnt so much as graze a leaf... i didnt see it land let alone come out... but my buddies in the fw were screaming bloody murder... cursing at me... i thought i killed a lil old lady walking to her ball or something the way they were screaming... my ball was sitting 3ft from the flag
double par thru 9 on a par 36 is 72... if you are shooting 144 thru 9... you need to pick up... if nobody is around and you arent holding anyone up... hit it as many times as you want as long as the marshalls dont say anything to you
wow... i dunno who you guys are playing with... but when im with someone new to the game... around double par is when its time to start picking up the ball and dropping it closer to the green... so whatever double par comes to on that particular course... +36 would be the max id write down if we were even keeping a score
this is an enormous pet peeve of mine... especially when they are loud and the guy teaching can barely get the ball in the air... its almost as bad as when they ask me for tips on the range wow... that must be some serious muni... torrey pines isnt even like that in the least... my brothers and i would "critique" each others swings everytime we hit the range there and one of the pros would even chime in with a tip every now and then... maybe they were cool cuz we were...
i dont have a 200+ iron in my bag... but ill pull an iron if its the club i need for the shot
im working on girs... my gir percentages are horrendous... if i can hit more greens i know i can drop a few strokes with ease... right now i have to scramble like a maniac most of the round
New Posts  All Forums: