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Because I prefer to play without a glove, I only use wrap-style, synthetic leather grips. Presently, I'm going with WINN Excel RF grips, but I've had plenty of clubs with Golf Pride Tour Wraps and they work fine for me too.
Since my nine iron is an old fashioned (weak lofted) 46°, I go with a 51-6 pitching wedge, a 56-8 gap wedge, a 61-4 lob wedge, and a dedicated sand iron that I don't play from the turf except in deep rough. However, I suck with the 61-4 and should go with a 52-6 and a 58-6 instead of the set of three (excluding the sand club) that I have now. That would get me down to thirteen clubs and I can't think of anything I'd want to add. Perhaps twin drivers with open and...
I'll admit to not liking the billboard headcovers that come free with the woods. I've got a big rubber tub almost full of them taking up space. I've presently got Travis custom knit covers on my fairway woods and, although I'm a Beagle guy off the course, a Great Dane headcover for the "big dog." As much as I love beagles, a beagle headcover doesn't look very ferocious and would only make me miss my buddy and want to go home.
Red dot for me when I played Ping gear. Just a little bit flat of standard.
I've been playing Bridgestone B330-RX balls which I like well enough, but I honestly don't think that they're worth the extra money. For me, Top Flite Gamers perform very similarly at a more reasonable price. I will try a couple of sleeves next time I purchase golf balls, and if I still don't see a difference, I'll go back to the Gamers permanently. At least for me, they seem like a very good ball for the money.
All of the OEMs make clubs for seniors as though all seniors were high handicappers and/or beginners. What about senior players who have skills but reduced flexibility and swingspeed? I am a 63 year old player in my 51st season of golf playing to an 8.3 index. It is impossible for me to buy modern clubs from a major OEM or component manufacturer. I can only buy gear fitted by high end boutique clubmakers who charge ludicrous prices. This is what the OEMs make...
Thank's, but of course, I really wish that my GAME had the "10" Wow Factor instead!
Mizuno forged irons are the best major OEM forged irons in my opinion, but it's only my opinion, and I don't play major OEM irons. If I did, I'm guessing MP-57s. In fact, I think sister company Cobra's forged irons are nicer than Titleist's present offerings--again, just opinion, though. Titleist erred greatly, in my view, by discontinuing their DCI investment cast stainless steel line. So many of the stainless irons are absolutely butt-ugly today, looking almost...
This is really hard to do. All of the equipment mentioned is good for somebody. Whether it's best for the person playing it is the issue. I don't have a major OEM driver because I couldn't find one with the loft/lie/face angle combo with which I feel confident. All the hi-loft ones were too upright and had hooked faces. I'm sure that they're good for somebody if not me. I have wooden fairways because for $50.00 extra per stick, I could get the exact specs that...
Good enough to play my own gear? I'm really screwed if I'm not. Most of it was made on my back. What would the next step be, bowling?
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