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Eh, stuff happens you gotta be able to let it go. Dwelling on things like that your just banging your head against a wall. If You had reset, and stroked it instead of hitting the shank this thread wouldnt exist. SO you hit a bad shot, big deal, make a save shot and move on.
Im my own worse enemy. I have more mental issues than I do physical ones. I cant shake off bad shots or bad holes. If I come out and put up a double on the first hole, its a solid bet I wont break 90, and maybe not even 100. Im way too competitive for this game, or at least competitive in the wrong way. On the other hand when I stay calm, Im likley to shoot low 80s, high 70s.
Im pretty good with my wedge around the green so Im going to go with small greens. I would rather bump an 8 iron, or hit a wedge to the pin and attempt an 8 foot or less putt, than attempt a 40' putt that breaks 4 times. This is all void if theres tons of traps, which im not that great out of.
I played with a Bridgestone Ball rep the other day, he said that most of the pros have disliked the new Pro V since they had to make changed from the callaway lawsuit. Im not sure if he was talking about this one of the model before this though.
You should try Vegas where your not allowed to walk anywhere at anytime. personally I dont think carts should be allowed unless your handicapped.
I dont but my stepdad prefers to play with persimmon woods. He will slice a titanium driver or 3 wood all day but can hit the old ones straight.
I agree to a certain extent. The driver is the only club in my bag that can really sneak up and bite me most of the time. If I misshit a 7 iron chances are I just need to hit a recovery shot. The Driver is the only club that will really go out of wack, such as Ob shots, and those really hurt.
Im going to go buy a 909f2 15.5 3 wood this week. Im going to go to one wood and add and extra hybrid to replace my 5 wood.
On most courses I play whatever box is right in front of the tips. But it depends on the course I ussually try to stay in between 62-6700 yards. So I may move up or back depending how long the course is. Im also a big advocate of playing where your partners are though. I have the distance to play the tips on almost any course, but Im also not so good to think im above moving up if my partners are playing from there. Just seems like a rude move to play from the back if...
When I really started to see big drops in my score it was because I got good around the green with my wedge. I set up a little chipping net in my living room and hit balls into it for the better part of a year while I was watching TV, or any meanial task. Im pretty genius with my 60* these days and I think thats the biggest reason Im getting close to a single digit handicap. Its not how many greens or fairways I hit. Its the fact that because I trust my wedge when I...
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