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Tiger was farther from the hole with plenty of spectators and trees between him and Sergio. Here's a clip of the Sergio interview I was distracted a few times today when watching Sergio push down grass behind his ball in the rough before he hit his shot.
In Japan, putts still break west toward Lake Merced, but only by half; because, as you noted, Merced is closer if you go east.
It's true, all putts break toward Lake Merced.
Jeev Milkha Singh
Not many people could consistently recover from his top of the backswing position (way across the line, right elbow very high with lots of separation from the chest) At the very beginning of his backswing, he lifts the club up and away from his body with his arms--very unorthodox His hip and footwork are incredible. I drool over this The hips moving forward at the top of the backswing and leg extension into impact
Been busy with my children's soccerbasketballgymnasticstracksoftball schedules. Playing my second round in six months tomorrow.
Average time to play 18 holes, value for money, and customer service are big factors when I select a course.
Phelps' outwardly carefree disposition doesn't bother me. From seven to twenty five years old, when his friends were playing, relaxing, and partying he was probably either training or competing. Being diagnosed with ADHD, Phelps likely needs a strict, demanding coach and schedule to stay focused. The Haney Project has consistently been superficial, scattered ,and piecemealed.
2:46.00 to 2:46.30 of this video
Best I can do for now. My sister and I (seven years old?)
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