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A couple made up rules I see over and over are 1. If you duff off the first Tee...you get a freebe 2. One free Mulligan per side. Generally, I don't care if they do it. If it makes the round more enjoyable for them I can overlook the kick out of the rough after they've take two or three hacks at it already. With that said, as soon as they want to play for money, drinks, or whatever, those rules don't fly. However, in general, I find players that want to play for a...
Fortunaltly, in the last few year I have trained all those around me to just get me a gift card to our local golf store.
Have you read this thread? And I'm the one out of line?? And then you come in here and trash me as well when I've done nothing to you at all. You all talk about having civil discourse and in the same breath call me some sort of name and I'm not to defend myself??? Heck, there are posts on this thread from members that said not one thing about GPS but to come on an attack me. Get real. I'm the bad guy cause a few sensative people have nothing better to do with their...
I agree...but there are a lot of "club makers" out there that shovel off POS irons and try to pass them off as custom designs.
IN MY OPINION (apprently I need disclaimers stating so, or I get jumped on)The isssue with buying non-brand name clubs is the resale value. They are worth virtually nothing as soon as you take them. As an equipment nut I like buying new equipment every couple/few years and sell my old stuff.
We all have those inlaws, coworkers, etc that are trying to be nice and buy you a golf related gift. What is the most useless golf related gift that you have gotten that is still sitting in its original packaging years later gathering dust?
I especially love the direct quote from the moderator about yourself, YogiTKE "In my opinion, you're an ignorant boob who's done more name-calling and foul-mouthing in one post than I've done in the past year. Oh, but "check your feelings at the door." http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13562
I guess you missed the 84 customer reviews posted within the last year. Real golfers who have uses the system. Maybe your attention span only got you as far as the date on the top of the review. I guess the seven posts your got on your own threads about GPS was enough information for you. I didn't think the amount of posts limited my ability to have discussion and criticize. You're entire year of membership obviously gives you the digression to be equally an A SS ...
Natalie is not as hot as I thought standing next to Brandie.
Grant Fuhr was when he was here in Calgary. He would bring out a few of the Flames now and then. They would sit and play $500 to $1000 skins.
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