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Michigan. Gull Lake Resort
Check out the eGolf Tour in Charlotte http://www.amateurgolftour.net/charl...s/default6.asp They play almost year round - Feb through Nov
My annual buddies golf trip is coming. 3 days, 5 rounds....can't wait. I wanted to get some ideas from some people about what to pack. My list so far: Clubs Balls Tees GPS Clothes (includes, shorts, pants, rain suit, shoes, socks, belt, etc) Powerbars (course snacks) Advil Medical tape (blisters) I'm looking for some other ideas for items I might need, what do you got for me?
Anyone playing in these events? I'm playing this weekend.
Hello everyone, I have a rules question and I'm not sure it was handled correctly, can someone please explain the ruling on this one? Player A hit's tee shot to left side of fairway (dogleg right). Player A (and the rest of the group) assumes it's a good tee shot and playable. Upon walking up to his ball, he notices that it's OB by a foot or so. Does player A have to return to the tee box and hit another tee shot? Or does Player A get to drop a ball on the line in...
The beauty of this tour....you are not required to play in all the events...You pick and choose which ones you want to play in. Pretty cool if you ask me. Also noticed you can win visa gift cards (no more than $750 for amateur status), but a lot better than the golf channel and their golf galaxy gift cards. Looks like winners get crystal trophies and the prizes are also flighted.
Bump for those interested.
Driver - C- Iron - C+ Short game - C+ Putter - B- Overall game - C+
Can someone share the difference between these 2 iron sets. Is it really just a players iron vs hackers iron? I would love to hear the differences. TIA
Where will you be visiting? Check out www.amateurgolftour.net/index.htm
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