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I demoed the Diablo 3 weeks ago. Driver, 3 and 5. I really liked them. I ordered the 3 and 5 yesterday. Should have them in my hands tomorrow.
I'm a lefty so I don't get to try out many things. Heres where I came down to these 2. I'm hitting a cobra ld driver now and like it a lot. I did get the opportunity to hit the diablo FW woods at a demo day and I hit them well. Now I have to decide without hitting the cobras which to buy(although I own the cobra driver) Any help is appreciated.
I was in flip flops, with a not-stretched back. I'd say it may have been of a bit. My good drives are in the 250- range. My average is around 230 I'd guess. I guess my problem is, that I'm prone to a high ball flight anyway, maybe I'm hitting the 9, the way most people would hit a 10.5??
I haven't found a store near me that has a decent sampling of lefty demos. Is there such a thing?
I've always heard that shorter hitters get more benefit from more loft. I've been hitting a regular flex TM 540 and hit it well for me. Last weekend, to my surprise, I spotted a demo '08 Cobra LD in my pro shop. I grabbed her and test drove it on the course. All I can say is WOW! That is one long, straight, forgiving, driver. I'd say 20-30 longer than the 540(230-250 plus). Heres the question. The demo is a 9 degree, regular flex. I've always been a high ball hitter...
Kinda makes sense. When I played softball I preferred heavier bats than everyone else. I like a really end loaded bat. Whenever I used light bats I didn't feel like I had enough control. Also felt like maybe I got handsy with the light bat, maybe my hips have time to clear with the heavier club.
I bought a set of vfoil 455 macgregors on "the bay" for 80 bucks last night. They are great "muscleback" irons.....
So if you read my other thread, you know I'm in Golf hell. I can't hit my irons a lick...Been through most of the big headed, forgiving, stuff on the market. No matter how hard I can't buy a game. lol....So I get home from work and i have had a few guys working at the house. I play golf with one from time to time. A few days earlier digging through the basement I found the clubs I started the game with, Macgregor MCX irons. I couldn't believe how small the heads was on...
Ok, I bought new clubs, twice. I never new that there was a "swing weight" I could know before buying....duh! I went from Callaway BB to Fusion, hated them, I went from the Fusion to TM XD, don't care much for them. With 20 swings the head came unglued. I took the TM to the pro shop and told the guy what I was feeling. They had a lefty 455 Macgregor. I LOVE the weight! He checked the TM, D-0 swing weight, check the Fusion, same. The clubs I feel good hitting are d-1 or...
I carry, Driver, 3W, 5W, 4H, 3H, 5,6,7,8,9, PW 52, 56. I tried the fusions, not much improvement(if any).
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