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I prefer the ProV1X and the Bridgestone B330-S.
Thanks for the feedback.  My last hybrid was an Adams A7 19*.  It was a little longer than I liked.
I'm looking to add a hybrid to my bag.  I want something I can hit about 215-220.  I am dropping my 5 wood or 3 iron - haven't decided which yet - because they are the two least used clubs in my bag.  The 3 iron is often too short and the 5 wood is often too long.   My relevant distances are:   3 wood:  240 5 wood:  225 3 iron:  210 4 iron: 200 5 iron 190     I can't decide what degree hybrid to go with.  Anyone have a similar situation?  What did...
  Thanks for adding nothing to this thread.  Way to be a contributing member.
I've never heard of Edel, but after looking at them, I am sort of interested now.  I'm not tied up on the Scotty Cameron name or anything, I just haven't found many putters that I like as much.     Roughtly what did it cost for your Edel and fitting?  The nearest place is 2.5 hours from me.. 
That isn't really a good option.  Being fit to one putter and putting the same specs on a different putter may not give you the same results.  Putting 3 degrees left on Putter A and 3 degrees loft on Putter B may not product the same roll.
I am interested in getting properly fitted for a putter.  I've never considered myself a good putter, and I feel like I jump around to different putters trying to find something that fits me well.     I think perhaps the best thing to do is to be properly fitted for one just like my irons or anything else.  I'm not convinced that a putter you buy off the shelf is the right lie angle, loft, etc for everyone.   I am most interested in being fitted for a Scotty or...
I started playing a little when I was 12-13.  My mom would drop me and a friend off at the course on Tuesdays and Thursdays where you could walk all day for $8.     I started playing on the high school team when I was 14.  I couldn't break 100.  My best 9 hole score that season was 52.  I had my first hole-in-one at age 16.     My senior year I was shooting high 70's & low-mid 80's.  I placed 5th in our District tournament but didn't make it past Regionals.  I...
Anyone have a good app for measure the distance of a golf shot in the iPhone?  I found a free program called "Golf Shot Distance" but it's pretty slow.   I'd basically just like to have something where you hit the button where you're starting... drive to where the ball is... hit the button again to see how far you hit it.     I don't need anything fancy... 
I think you'd be better off going with the combo.  You get the additional forgiveness in the longer irons.     I purchased the VR Combo about a month ago, and they're the best irons I've ever played.  In the last 4 years, I've played 3 different sets of Mizuno and they all fail in comparison to the VR Combo in my opinion (I was a die-hard Mizuno fan before these).
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