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...when you spend 2-3 hours a day reading stories on golf equipment, golf club grooves etc. and looking at equipment you can't afford
another cincinnati golfer? Geez, we are obsessed here in cincy. Yeah i just played beech creek yesterday. Still improving, hopefully i'll break 100 in the spring. Even though I'm not where i want to be with my game, i can honestly say i am progressing and loving every minute
just a quick question, i was looking at the prize section of the league and i was wondering are we eligible or is that just for the leagues that pay money?
Give my parents a deserved retirement. Payoff all my loved ones debts. And play golf the rest of my life
I'm on the cheaper side as well. I bought my texan classics complete set for $130. Driver, 3 and 5 fw, 4hybrid, 5-pw and putter. It's a decent set. There is one thing i don't understand, my 4hybrid and 5w is the exact same loft 21*. This all got me started. I am currently in the market for new irons. I am getting shoes for christmas, also got a sw, gw and lw. All of this is for under $300. If i could do it all over again, I would buy a used set of decent irons for...
I'm a west-sider as well. Grew up in Colerain. Never played any of the courses you named. Since winter prices started, we've branched out where we play. We usually play 1-2 times a week. So playing at a nicer place during the winter, doesn't hurt the wallet too much. I graduated from colerain, and alot of people i know play pebble creek. I'd love to play it someday. just haven't gotten around to it
I golfed today. We already made plans for the 26th. I agree with what you say about financial hardship and lack of production at work. I disagree with the doomed relationships because i am one of the lucky ones, that has a fiance who loves golf. She's very good too. I really am blessed. I never get yelled at about wanting to golf. It's great. By the way what's your home course? Mine is the mill or fairfield greens. we also play beech creek a lot
I would definetely get a scotty. I would get vokeys. I would probably buy the Adams A4 irons and hybrids. Tour burner would be another. This question gets my mind churning and wanting to buy stuff
I guess my reason for starting this thread is to ask, is this normal? Did any of you feel this way six months after starting the game?
I know this thread may seem stupid, but i just have to get this off my chest. I am officially obsessed with golf. I don't think about anything else. I started in July and now I try to golf as much as possible. I play a round at least once a week, I go to the range at least once a week and sometimes I'll play nine by myself. I read about golf on the internet at least two hours a day. Everything I'm getting for christmas is golf related. (Uc bearcat headcovers for woods,...
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