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I grow weary of his instant assessment of a players swing. He must be able to see a swing in real-time and before the ball hits the ground he can already deliver a detailed analysis of what they did wrong and exactly how to fix it. I wish there was a "mute Johnny Miller" button on my remote. SubPar
Some forward slide of the hips is probably a good thing, as evidenced by the photos. But the kind of slide the hurts most of us is too much back and too much forward. The old style hip slide, which led to the reverse-C finish, is a one way ticket to the chiropractor. SubPar
I say, if you have never lost your swing you are not playing enough. SubPar
Once you are exposed to good technique through observation, instruction, books or videos, it is just a matter of practicing enough to grasp those fundamentals and gain confidence. Confidence is of paramount importance in the short game because the closer you get to the hole the greater the reward for good performance. I had a really good short game for a while and started to lose it. I had stopped spending a portion of my time working on the basics chipping and pitching....
First off, as has been indicated, this is just a marketing ploy to hype the last few events of the season. Secondly, it can hardly be a playoff in the way they work in other sports because there are MANY individuals all playing in the same game each time. In tennis it is one player against another and a loser goes home ( or in doubles, one team). In football it is one team against another and the loser goes home. But golf isn;t played like that. I'm sure the reason they...
Clubs are oddly balanced and not made for throwing, as you now know. Sounds like you may have something as simple as a strain or as bad as a torn rotator cuff. Shoulders are really complex and easy to damage. Pack it in ice ten minutes before going to bed each night and see how it is after a few days. If you have pain after four-five days you should have it looked at. I had a torn RC (racquetball) and it was so small the Dr. could not see the tear until he was inside with...
Players on public courses are notorious for playing the first ball they find without looking to see if it is in fact their own.SubPar
Most often people don't identify the ball and play the wrong one. If you have reason to believe someone played your ball, take a free drop because they are an outside agency and you should not be penalized if they picked up or hit your ball. In an event in China earlier this year a marshall saw a spectator pick up leave with a player's ball (not known why she did not stop the person). The player was allowed to play a ball from where it was seen at rest w/o penalty. Subpar
What you need now is just the most basic "fitting". Get the shaft length and flex about right for your height and swing speed.Once you get better you can get a better fitting to suit your swing, which will have changed. Once your swing is more consistent (maybe around a 10 handicap), you will benefit from a more "in depth" club fitting.SubPar
Well, you can take the time to walk off 106 yards or use a range finder. Either way you have the same info, but one takes a lot more time to get the same result.I prefer my calculator over a slide-rule, e-mail over snail mail, and my car over an ox cart. Just because they didn't have this stuff 200 years ago does not mean they would not have used it if they did. Times change. Every sport has seen improvements in technology. I'm sure some "purist" was telling Johannes...
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