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Bought a Titleist 2015 Lightweight Stand Bag at DSG.  Very roomy and seems to be well built.
Funny stuff!
Got my first eagle in over 30 years today on hole #6 at East Mountain CC in Westfield, MA.  A nice 240 yard drive followed by a 155 yard six iron.  Pretty darn happy!
Amusing story!  Welcome to The Sand Trap!
I was very pleased with how easy it was to get the ball air born with my Adams Tight Lies 16* fairway wood.  It is probably more of a 4 wood, but the extra degree of loft, slightly shorter shaft, and shallow face make it easy to use from the fairway and light rough.  And even though the head is a little small, it has a considerable amount of mass.  It's a good club.
Ordered a BombTech Golf Grenade Driver online last night.  It should be arriving Monday!
Two, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
I understand your joy.  I also have improved to the point where I sometimes get more than one round out of a golf ball,  I had a 45 hole stretch earlier this summer.  Of course, playing a little smarter also helps a lot.
I have the week off so I picked up 3 dozen yellow Bridgestone e6 golf balls.  I plan on playing multiple rounds daily.
A box of yellow Callaway Hex Hot golf balls.
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