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I don't have counterfeit clubs, but I am certain that most inexperienced players would have trouble discerning the difference in feel between club brands whether counterfeit or just different brands.   I have 6 sets of clubs from GI to blades and except for the occasional mishit, I cannot tell the difference in the feel of any of them. If you hit them in the sweet spot, they go and if you don't they tell your hands and arms about it. This is especially true of...
Played with a guy once who duffed a wedge shot and swung his club at a sapling about chest high. The shaft wrapped around the tree, shaft broke at the appropriate time, and he got the clubhead right in his chest. Poetic justice.
Not exclusive, but Dove Mountain is my personal best. It is home of the WGC Accenture Match Play. Actually, I got to play it 2 weeks before they had the first Match Play event there. It is brutally hard.
Always, unless it is raining. Here in AZ, the wind blows lots of stuff around that can end up in your eyes.
I'm with you on that 4P. All the old guys in my club have the suction cup thing. I'm thinking about getting one myself. LOL.    
There are some general rules to live by on the golf course.   OK, here goes... C-Tech's Golf Rules: 1. If you look, walk and swing like Dorf, you should NOT be playing from the back tees. Either move up or go home, you look like an idiot. 2. If you hit your drive 180, do not wait for the green to clear except on par 3's, waiting makes you look like an idiot. 3. Do NOT line up your 4th putt, pick it up and go to the next tee, studying it makes you look like an...
378 yards on a dogleg par 5. He hit it over the dogleg back into the fairway and had only 60 yards left to pin. We measured it with Skycaddie.
Just from my personal experience, I think the short game is the major difference. I was languishing around a 12 handicap when I joined a club that had a really great short game practice area. About 170 yards of fairway with a green and a couple of bunkers they maintained just like the course. I would take a couple buckets of balls out there 3 or 4 times a week and spend a couple hours working mostly from 100 yards and in. My handicap dropped over the next 6 months to 6.6....
I have also had really good luck with eBay. I also look for sellers with lots of positive feedback. Also, like 4Putt says, if the deal looks too good, it is probably suspect.
I go to the local munis and the starter almost always puts me with a group. If not, I go alone and almost always catch up with a two or threesome and join them. I have developed some golf buddies that way.
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