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I have a very good quality putter that I'd like to sell to a better home. Used maybe 10 times, although it is about 4-5 years old. Only reason I'm switching is because I prefer a blade putter. No scratches, dings, or anything wrong with it. Stickers are still on the shaft.    Details again: TaylorMade Rossa Monte Carlo. Left Handed, 35" length. 
nobackswing - people use them interchangeably, but I'm pretty sure everyone is probably referring to the 10 finger grip. Meaning, you wrap your hands like you would a baseball bat, but you then align your thumbs down the shaft of the club.   To the OP, I've used the 10-finger grip [or baseball grip] for almost 20 years. I started playing golf when I was in little league and adapted the baseball grip to the 10-finger and never really thought about changing it. Now, if...
Just because you can move you hand around doesn't mean that nothing is broken. Do you ever get tingling or numb fingers? If no, then there is a good chance you do not have nerve damage. Since you didn't mention any acute injury [a fall, or you hit it hard on something] than it's probably more overuse than anything.  
If that is your actual swing speed then you need an x-stiff shaft. If you're just looking for a shaft change, I just put a Grafalloy ProLaunch Red 65 shaft into a new driver and it is a huge improvement for me. I had similar "ballooning" type shots with my driver and the ProLaunch gave me a more boaring shot and I've gained a fair amount of control with it also. They have an x-stiff option, for only $50 at golfsmith it's a great deal, and it has some good reviews, too....
You get pain on the bottom of your foot/heel? sounds like you have plantar fasciitis. it's a rather common problem and can be fixed for FREE. first, stretch your calves. if you're not sure what to do, type "gastroc/soleus stretch" into google. hold each stretch for 30 seconds - 1 minute. repeat 2-3 times equaling 1 set. Do 2-3 sets per day. Also, type "plantar fascia tennis ball" into google. if you have a tennis ball start there. if you have a lacrosse ball or something...
For starters, you need to decide on a measurable goal. Losing weight is a good goal, but it is not measurable. Losing 10 pounds my Memorial Day is a measurable goal. With measurable goals, you have the ability to see where you started from, where you currently are, and where you want to be. Visibly seeing progress towards a set goal is very motivating! It tells you that you are doing something right and if you continue on that path more progress will...
A cramp and a pulled muscle are NOT the same thing. While a cramp will probably be helped on my keeping adequate levels of electrolytes, a pulled muscle is usually caused by not warming up enough before exercise or not having enough strength to perform the movement [overworking the muscle].   As for the op, mobility [flexibility] for the hip flexors, adductors, quads, and hamstrings can be helpful as well as strengthening for your glutes and abs
I've always used the 10 finger grip - maybe it stems from my days of playing baseball when I was younger. The overlapping grip feels unstable to me perhaps because I'm so used to having all 10 fingers on the club...Like slab said, the only way to know is to try it out
As you said, you were taking in too many calories, but keep in mind that it's not just how many calories you're taking in, it's also what kind of calories you're taking in. Try and get vegetables into your diet, the more the better, and some good fats too [avocado, almonds, etc]
I can usually get it 240-260 off the tee playing with a TM Burner 15* stiff shaft. I usually get a nice draw on it, too! I would use it all the time, mainly because I'm a lot more confident with it than a driver, but hitting 3 off the tee to long par 4's makes the 2nd shot a real hassle sometimes.
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