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I tend to have a habit of slightly turning my head to look at the club going back and I am pretty sure it is affecting the consistency of my golf shot.  I developed this habit after always checking on my club position when it is parallel to the ground (as a drill).  I seem to be unable to shake this tendency now when I go up to swing and actually hit the ball.  If I focus on keeping my head down I feel like I lose the feel of the clubhead and get uneasy.  Definitely less...
http://www.titleist.com/accessories/carry-bags/carry-bag.aspx I think this is considered a "sunday" bag but was just wondering if anyone has any experience with it as their all purpose bag.  I have always wanted a smaller bag but I can't seem to find any info or reviews on this one specifically.  I plan to put a full 14 club set in here and am just curious to know if it is a tight squeeze or not.  Any other information is welcomed!  Thanks in advance!
Anyone have any experience with the titleist carry bag?  I always wanted a small bag and they seem super convenient.  I am normally walking my rounds anyway so i figure a light bag would be ideal.  I couldnt find any reviews online and was just wondering how it fares with 14 clubs. Thanks
ohh alright thanks.  just another quick question.  I am currently using a 16 degree taylormade rescue 2h... and the titleist 913h comes in at a 17 degree at the lowest... so judging by the grid given on the titleist site, i can only go either .75 or 1.5 degrees up or down?  No way to get it to 16 degrees?
This is actually just a question regarding adjustable lofts.  I am thinking about purchasing a 17 degree titleist 913H and was wondering if I can easily adjust the loft myself...? or if I have to have someone do it for me professionally every single time?
yeah it was somewhat like a jammer finger... yeah i guess i wont really know until i give it a shot.
This might be the wrong forum but I was just wondering...  I recently injured my left middle finger in a way where the last knuckle is stuck in a flexed position.  The injury is labeled  a mallet finger, and to correct this injury i need to wear a splint or something to keep the finger straight so that the ruptured tendon can grow back.  Well instead of a splint I obtained this ring-like-thing which is a lot less bulky.  Anyway, it seems like I can still swing a golf...
Im trying to purchase a new push cart for someone and found the ogio x4 synergy cart to be simple and easy to use.  However, it seems that it may require an ogio bag with clips to become secured on the cart.  Im not too sure if it works on other bags?  If anyone has any input it is greatly appreciated.  Sadly, none of the local stores around carry the bag... so im limited to online reviews and youtube... and there isnt too much information on this cart.  Thanks in advance!
anyone have any suggestions on a pair of good golf shoes?
Whats the big difference? I havent played golf in a couple years now so... im kinda rusty on knowledge on clubs haha. so many different ones have come out.
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