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Replaced my cally x-tour 54º with a Mizuno MP-T 51º and now with a ping w tour 52º. So far so good. I like how easily it travels through thick rough on the takeaway.
I´d say that you have more room for improvement than me, for example.
I know this answer will strike as odd, but I do absolutely nothing, except maybe turn slightly away from where I hear FORE called and covering my head with my arms. The reason is simple. Why do people duck? What if the ball coming your way is a low-flying shank? If you duck you´ll only increase the risk of getting hit in the head. It´s almost impossible to figure out where the ball is coming from, so might as well just keep walking or standing or doing whatever it...
Hey look !! A cow flying...
Same thing happened to me. I had the mp57s with the project X 5.5. Lost my swing completely. Mishits were a total nightmare. Sold them, went back to my old ping i3, changed the original graphite shafts for KBS steel and have regained my usual swing and game.
Bingo !! Emotions and opinions aside, that, in fact, is the REAL reason why the tipping system has been developed. In essence, if my boss won´t pay me what I think I should be paid, let´s ask the customer to pay me directly (and mostly tax free I might add...). I think it is the biggest tax evasion scheme in the US. How much is gov´t losing on income taxes on the service sector??
Very painful, indeed. Don´t worry they shall pass soon. Whenever I get the illness, I go to the range and hit a full bucket of balls JUST doing half swings with all clubs. JUST HALF SWINGS. Good tempo and rhythm is all that should matter doing this exercise. When you are done with the bucket, go home. Don´t hit any more. Somehow it works for me.
I have never aced a hole. If I did I would follow basic common sense: 1. one round for the people in your group. whether friends, strangers... i don´t care. i would offer them one round to celebrate the event at the 19th 2. if once a the clubhouse there are less than 5 other people at the bar, i´d extend that one round to everyone there.
Interesting enough as the whole point of the thread seems to be to give a VERBAL picture of the incident. I do agree, however, that Ian is known for looking for excuses to his missed shots, but he is also known to be a fun and respected guy amongst his colleagues.
I would just get a little closer to the ball, with your arms hanging vertically. This will help you get some of the turning action with your hips and shoulders and not so much just with the hands as I see now on the videos. Good luck.
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