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Ok, that´s enough cut. Stop cutting... down, down, DOWN !!! Left, left, no, no, no, stop, STOP... do something !!!.... HIT SOMETHING !!!... DAMN it. (The ball hopelessly went right into the woods... again...)
the one I hold at my club... most puts per hole... 5 !!!!! and the first one was only 9 feet from the hole
Problem: Big gap between 5 wood (aprox 225 yds) and 3i (aprox 195-200 yds) Big gap between PW (aprox 115 yds) and 54º SW (aprox 90 yds) So, I would need to add a hybrid 21º and a GW 50-52º without giving up any of the existing ones in the bag. Any ideas?
Dead winter hear in northern Spain, but sunny day yesterday with 40ºF. Five layers of clothing. It´s amazing how we underestimate the short game. I kept hitting worm burners and topping every other iron shot and managed a decent 88 (+7 stableford). www.aerosantiago.es
Hello Sand-trappers, after a few months reading the great reviews on the web and the great comments/threads in the forum, I have decided to register. I am a Communications Manager for a medium-size telecom company in Spain, where I now reside.
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