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Amazing to see all the responses to this question, without someone actually asking: what seems to be your problem when hitting a 3wood of the deck?Without an answer to that question everyone is shooting advice blindly...
It seems to me you understand competition well outside the R&A specifications. So go ahead and play against your pal whatever it is you played, but it ain´t golf. ... and I add, a 21 hcp that PLANS to shoot below 80 and ACTUALLY DOES... is not a hdp 21.
Great ball flight...
It sounds to me as if the shaft is slowly dislodging from the head. Are they the originally shafted sticks? Could be deffective epoxy. Do you have the possibility to have them inspected by the shop where you got them? If not, get them to a local clubmaker.
Am I assuming from your comments women, children and elderly should not play golf? Are you sure you walk the course like a man, because you sure don´t talk like one...Highly disturbing to hear someone claiming to be a traditionalist of the game and seeing the content of his golf bag in his signature yelling quite the oppossite.
As Steven Wright would probably say: "You´re lifting your head because you are looking up"
I don´t remember exactly when and how it happened, but somehow I realized at one point that practice should be prioritized from the hole to the tee. Somehow I soon dropped to SD and been there since.
Not enough pal !! Odds are the owner is not in the group ahead of you. If your intention is not to return the club, leave it where you found it. Don´t pick it up.
OK. We know two things about you. You are honest, congratulations. And you are a thief.If you have found a club it is 100% sure that SOMEONE has lost it. It is not likely you will coincide with that person, but it will be highly likely that that person will ask at the pro-shop or reception or lost-and-found area of that club if someone has returned it.I sure hope someday you come face to face with someone who recognizes their lost club in your bag.
Looks like an add to fight against abandoned puppies. It is missing the punch-line: "Don´t leave him out on the curb"...
New Posts  All Forums: