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This is crazy. I thought I was the only one to have these....guess not.
Are you coming back to golf this year? If so, WHEN?
I'd buy for my group, friends or not. But certainly not the whole clubhouse.
Me too. (maybe with a little whiskey mixed in......)
I really liked the fubuki when I hit it in an R9. Good pick up!
Well it depends on a couple things really. First, do you hit the 60* consistent. Second, do you have a 52* or 50* wedge, or is the next closest a pitching wedge? A lot of times people will bend their wedges to get a consistent gap. I.E. 47 pitch, 53*, and 59*.
I am the opposite. I do like my 3 wood, however I can hit any shot with my 19* hybrid. It's a TM rescue dual with the movable weights. It will be hard to knock this out of the bag.
Sure it is. Only 543 yards.... Driver at 270, 3 wood at 250 and then a 30 or so yard bump n run with the 9 iron.
Tiger owes the public nothing except living up to the title of the world's best golfer. And, I think Iacas got it right that Tiger isn't out to "please" anybody (fans). He's there to win golf tournaments. Also, while I am a huge Mickelson fan, I wouldn't mind seeing the 2 best players battle it out...again.
I'm thinking the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship in the middle of Feb. I'll bet 3 points.
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