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lol 4 and 5 are my favorite
enjoy lol http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2009...n-the-pga.html
i only get small blisters... i whould sugest some liquid bandage its like 5 bucs a bottle you brush it on the blister it keeps it covered and pain free!
85 to hot? haha ive been playing in 95+ all summer with a lot of humidity
the j33s are sweet... i hit those and the burners and i think the j33s blow em away!
well the greens were soft so that helps... also he hit that 8 iron as hard as he could witch puts a lot of spin on it
20 yards of roll for a 7 iron? thats not good
i talked to my instructor about my tempo ( which is kinda quick) i asked if i should slow it down he said i shouldnt change it since its my natural tempo... i do everything fast walk fast, play guitar fast, drive fast, my tempo should be the same lol
try mangrove bay... very nice course... there is also the tides... i havent played it but everyone says its pretty nice
haha this suprised me the site for torrey pines kinda sucks. http://www.torreypinesgolfcourse.com/
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