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haha just dont hold me responsible! =]
haha there was a whole thread on just the subject that blades arent as hard to hit as there made out to be... but if you practice a decent amount i whould asume you whould be good off
blades are not as hard to his as everyone makes them out to be! i hit a set of older mp 32s today and while miss hits might go shorter its not that bad
So the other day i had a lesson with my pro and we worked on keeping my plane more upright and keeping the left arm straight... i went to the range today and applied this and boom hossel shank just about everything =[ after the session i went to the shop where i get lessons and just hit in the cage for awhile and i didnt shank it! what can i take from this?
ive played country way a few times... its a nice course not to big but theres small greens and alot of the par 3s have water around them
Kaymer has been around for awhile dude, he has a better resume then mcllroy. at my local shop theres an ex euro tour player that has been praising kaymer for awhile now.
you dont like wilson or wilson staff? there is a huge diference
do they have alot of offset in them? also did you get them custom fit?
anyone? bump
Ive been looking for new irons... i outgrew my current irons and i have heard good things about the ci7 from wilson im looking for less offset and i can get the TT dynamic gold shafts in for an extra 80$ has anyone tryed these irons? any opinions?
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