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camden is in the top 3 parks ive been to! and ive been to alot! I just got my season tix in the mail the other day!
[QUOTE=timwalsh300;278221]What is a "judas priest?" The best band ever.
So today i played some of the best chip shots i ever had i saved par and bogey on like 5 holes. my question is on ball position on ship shots...where should i play the ball? does it depend on the shot?
They had the callaway demo day at my range a month back. they had it set up in 2 sections one with drivers on the mats with launch monitors, and irons hybrids and wedges in the grass. you didnt have to get scheduled i just went to the tent talked to the guy and he let you hit what ever you want, he didnt breath down my neck at all he was just hitting a few puts on the green... very cool experience especially the can they bring around
why did you buy the x tour vintage then? i hear some people say some light steel wool works.
im about to make my first online purchase through golfsmith... does anyone have any reviews on there shipping?
handicap is in no way acurrate. i practice my wedge game alot so wedge feel is alot.
so the other day i was looking for a wedge and i came across the callaway x tour. and wow what a nice wedge it feels so soft! the only problem is it came with 9* of bounce and thats to much for my liking. so im still looking for a new 60 and heard lots of good thing about vokeys specifically im looking for the SM 60 with 4* bounce. whould the feel of these wedges be comparable to the forged callaway x tours? also with the spin milled groves is it still possible to execute...
birdie that is? how long did it take everyone hear to crack there first birdie? how did it happen?
haha this is cool. that course is my home course! well the 18 hole there is. last time i played that hole i hit the ball fat =[
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