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Question for anyone who knows. We can all agree that the pros swing on plane. This is elementary. My question is why is there such a large variation on their shaft angle as it approaches the top of their swings? Some of them are much flatter than others who are more upright, almost perpendicular to the ground as the shaft is just shy of the very top of the back swing. There seems to be about 30-40* of variation between where their shafts are at this point in the swing...
Are you on the team?
I don't think I could make it with my golf bag in the car. I need to finagle the clubs every day and putt and chip around the house and junk like that. I've got a problem.[/QUOTE] I NEVER leave my clubs in the car! I feel the same as you man....Need to have them around, especially in these winter months. God I hate it here!!!!!!!
Chipping is huge. My scores have gone down considerably this past season and an enormous percentage of that is accounted for by my chipping. I have read that you want to stand closer to the ball than you'd think would be comfortable to make more solid, consistent contact. That has proven very true for me. A simple tip that has absolutely worked for me. I stand close to the ball, flare my front foot out a few degrees with my feet fairly close together with weight...
Ugh...All I can do is sigh and sulk. I hate these NE winters with a passion. I've gotta move to NC. Where is Concord NC? Anywhere near Asheville? That's where we think of moving to.
Why the X-20 3 Iron only?
Any of you guys posting on this thread know anything about Western NC, Asheville more specifically? We think a lot about relocating there and I'd love to hear about the area from some golf addicts.
Clean mine after every shot, every round, every practice session. The grooves are never filled with dirt. Use the high pressure hose in the sink with hot water and a sponge.
HYBRIDS man! Go to rockbottomgolf.com, that guy has very nice and affordable stuff...
Rock Bottom's great. Got my Slingshot hybrids for $40 a piece.
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