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My older clubs are such cheapies that I feel like I can argue that they will make me better when I finally grip the new ones in the spring. The grips are different, shaft very similar but man, are they lousy clubs. Spalding!
I'm almost exclusively a beer guy. Love the stuff, sincerely. There is a packie close by that sells Spaten at $11 for a twelver, thats what I got at the moment.
There's a sensible player. I live next to an elementary school with a very big field as part of the school grounds. I'm always there using it as my range with my own balls and I pride myself on playing at courses that are inexpensive. I get very defensive when I hear golf referred to as an elitist endeavor. That absolutely exists, no argument; however, you can play this game on a blue collar level and I happen to think its best enjoyed in that fashion. Unless of...
That's what I'm saying man. Thanks for the validation Dave.
I'm a bit of a freak about my new irons I guess. To answer your question probably not. But I feel like using the mats puts unnecessary mileage on them. I agree with the idea that using the old ones is better than not swinging at all during these hellish winter months.
I got new irons last year and had them for the entirety of the season. My previous clubs were serious beginner cheaps that I'd been using for years. Being in cold New England the only way to swing a club is to go into an indoor range hitting off of mats. I don't want to expose my new irons to the abuse of hitting off of mats so I bring my old cheaps. Anyone think that it could screw me up going back and forth between clubs like this? I got a buddy who says I should...
"Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women...man!"
Cheers man. This thought revolutionized my swing. Maintain spine angle through the shot and allow the club head and hands to pull the rest of you up to the finish position. As Tiger says, you want to be seeing the underneath of the ball as it takes off.
Couldn't agree more. I think about this all the time. When I was younger it was all baseball and hoops. My body needed the faster sports, I couldn't slow down enough to learn the golf swing. Better to have found it than not I guess. I may have discouraged myself beyond repair if I tried to learn before I was ready. Gotta look at it that way.
I'm trying my hardest not to give a speech here about what is important. I would hope that he who posed this question is not married. I love this sport and it enriches my life in a huge way, its incredibly satisfying; however, if I didn't have my wife around those supplemental things in life would cease to light the same fire they do with her in it. One of the core elements in marriage is that you are sharing the same life. If someone truly loves you in this way you'll...
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