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Some cash that I quickly turned into Nike Slingshot Hybrids and some Walter Hagen 3yr waterproof shoes...
Look at it this way my fellow Sox bleeder, all the pressure is on the Yanks. If they don't win this year, that will be almost as enjoyable as the Sox actually winning it. I was upset with the signing also. I wanted him in a our laundry. Nobody can spend like that, what are you gonna do? If the Sox had come up to 180 mil than the Yanks would have gone to 190 and so on. Can't be mad at anyone, circumstantial. How fun will it be though if they can't win with all that?
Well said. I agree 110% with all of that.
I'm from Southbridge Bogeyhitter. Where you live?
That's still some legit scoring. How bad did you shank? I'm so interested in this phenomenon. When I shanked, it went about 15 feet off the ground, and sometimes as much as 45*-50* off to the left of my target and slicing severely. GIGANTIC misses! Very very odd considering how I hit the ball now that I'm out of that and even how I would hit the ball back then in between shanks. Just couldn't stop hitting the ball with the hosel.
I like what you say about back, up, then in...good stuff...that's a good way to help people not take the club back too inside which so many struggle with.
No offense here friend, but if you are a 30 handicap, why all the testing of forged and tour series clubs? There is no shame in the "game improvement" category. Rocco almost beat Tiger with the X20's. I love em! Give those a shot.
I agree with Pkapp. Irons man! Take a look at last years Cobra FP's. Should be right around your price range and those are great for the money.
I'm trying to upload a picture from yahoo! images and I'm getting the same message while paying attn to the pixels and KB limitations. If you save it to your computer first then upload it, that works, I just did it that way.
Started playing 2 years ago and you're a 3 handicap?!!!! And you say "annoying" about anything you're doing out there?!!! You need to develop a case of the shanks for a couple months before you can talk about annoying man...Keep up the good work...
New Posts  All Forums: