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I've been playing for 5 years now. More seriously for 3 seasons. I couldn't slow down long enough to learn. Played Baseball all my life and golf just wasn't fast enough for me until I got a bit older. Now I'm a full blown addict, evidenced by talking about it on a blog. I usually only play 9 at a time. Put up three different 39's this year. This was my break through season. Got alot figured out this year after a few lessons and mucho practice...
I'm an elementary school counselor...love my job tremendously...
I just received the Slingshot hybrids from Rockbottom. Can't wait to use them. Let me know what you think. I'm stuck in New England where we are going to be shut down for a bit it seems. I've been using a couple cheapies but I love the hybrid. Anyone know how Rockbottom golf is able to sell things so cheaply? I get that it is discontinued stock, but I feel like he could get more for that stuff. I paid only $40/ club for those Slingshots. And to answer the question,...
I struggled mightily with an open club face. One of the biggest changes for me was strengthening my glove hand on my grip. I also had flying open hips left over from years of baseball. Sometimes with a weak grip it can be impossible to consistently rotate those wrists and close the face at impact like your talking about. I wonder if that played into it for you?
How do you post your equipment on your signature there?
I bought the X20's last year and love em!! Would highly recommend them to anyone.
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